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I’ve been a thrashcore punk rock vocalist, a soldier, an engineer, a hypnotist, an executive coach, and a monk. It’s no surprise, then, that I have ADHD. I spent years trying to be better … without ever stopping to consider I might be good enough. Western culture doesn’t know what to do with the concept of “enough.” At a young age, we are taught that we are never enough. Being neurodiverse, just being is hard enough.



One day, I realized I would never be the person I thought I should be. It was heart breaking. I remember it as a true realization, a flash of light, and then a whole lot of tears. I mean the gross snotty kind that grown men might refer to as allergies later on. We are all supposed to be famous celebrities and millionaires, and if we aren’t it’s just because we haven’t been trying hard enough. We all know that’s a lie, but we often hang onto it anyway … and call it “hope.”

Something beautiful happens when you get disillusioned like that. You discover there is something better waiting for you once you get out of your own way.

I’ve always been a fantastic meddler. Tweak this, learn that, change this, go on a crash diet, buy this course — you name it — like a capitalist Buddha seeking enlightenment through consumerism. All in the name of being a “better person.”

I realized that trying to be “that person” only took me farther away from who I was. I learned, and am still learning, that being who you are is far better than trying to be a better person. You can’t even begin to live until you discover who you are.

Here’s today’s attempt at packaging that:

I am a Wandering Taoist Monk and Coach who guides people toward realization by turning their most challenging moments into life changing experiences.

I could say I trick people into laughing at themselves and loving their lives.

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