Who are you? No, that’s not who you are. Honestly, who are you?

Alan Watts supposed that, “The real you, is not a puppet that life pushes around.”

When we are asked the question of who we are, we can chose to wake up or we can chose to continue in the daydream. When I talk to others on this subject, the first response is never who they are. The first response is who they think they should be. (Responsibility) The second response is who they were told they are. (Submission)

Let me tell you something, whoever you have been told that you are – that just isn’t the truth. Now that may make things complicated for you. It may make some of you frustrated. I get that. Some people are happy being who they are told they are, that’s just fine. There are others however, who I know are struggling. They know that they do not know who they are. That’s OK, everyone goes through phases in their life where suddenly – they realize I am not who I thought I was.

It is in these moments when we are called to recount who exactly we are, it is in this gap where some of the most magnificent changes can occur. Life is a constant cycle of contraction and expansion, it is tensing and releasing, it is inhaling and it is exhaling, it is doing and not doing, being and not being, life and death. When it comes down to it, we are limitless. We are merely playing the game of make believe, making ourselves believe we are or are not good enough, making believe we can or cannot do something.

You know what is incredible? You create your reality. Yep, you do that. No one else can create your reality but you. Your reality is a product of your perspective. You want your life to change? The first place to start is in your mind. You can feel trapped or you can feel free. The real challenge for many is learning what to believe about themselves.

What if you had the potential to BE or DO anything you truly desired there was just one catch – you constantly got in your own way. In many cases, the same parts of you that have gotten in your way can also be readily available to assist you in moving forward. Approach your personal challenges with a sort of mental jiu jitsu. All you need to do is a little training. The most challenging part, deciding what it is you want out of your life. Protip: You are probably being too humble, you are probably being to selfless.

Go, Ready, Aim. You don’t have to figure it all out. You just have to start going and if you hit a wall – come talk with me. If you are alive, your future is bursting with juicy opportunity.