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Focus on what really matters.

I coach people from the inside out. When you learn to live through your authentic self, fear dissolves, worries become fleeting, and life becomes magical.

Suddenly you realize that you were born happy and you begin to understand that the worst thing that can ever happen to you is a thought. The realization of your true nature creates within you a powerful and unshakable resilience. Things will never be perfect. Understanding that is half the battle. When you learn to live in accordance with your personal truth, you discover the beauty of the imperfect.

When you learn to live in a state of fullness, searching outside of yourself for happiness will lose it’s appeal. That’s when the fun begins and you realize that life hasn’t been happening to you. It’s all happening for you.

Chad guides people through the change process.

With his experience as an Executive Coach, Life Coach, and Taoist Monk, Chad has helped people from all over the world discover tools for personal growth and transformation  that have enabled them to awaken their greatness. 

Chad will help you see your life in a new light and walk beside you towards an exciting new chapter in your life.

A very kind and compassionate person. When you speak to him you realize his focus is your well being and not the money. Chad has a real gift. Thank you!

Helen V.

Chad has helped me through a challenging transition in my life. He has provided great tools, excellent communication and an empathetic and compassionate approach. I was also looking to work with someone who had good awareness of spiritual principals and Chad certainly meets that requirement.

Elizbeth H.



This was the best kind of treatment I have received from someone in the healing profession. Chad is profoundly capable as a hypnotist, and he is very considerate and deeply aware of me as a human being. He maintains great professionalism and is very astute in assessing where I am at and made me feel taken care of and very comfortable. The level of capable investment in my healing needs that he exercised was very effective I felt open and friendly as well, and I felt this helped me feel restored to comfort zones I haven’t felt in a long time…

I was not sure if I should go through with a hypnosis session, and I feel now it was one of the best things I have given to myself. I felt empowered and safe and I am so glad I worked with Chad. I cannot recommend anyone any higher. He is the best that I feel you can find, and I am so glad that I did. Thank you for what you have restored to my life.

Catherine B.


 I’m lucky enough  to work with Chad in the same group, and even more to have him as a coach. He helps me in so many ways to improve myself and my leadership skill. His calm approach to coaching and team management reflects in every action or word he does or says. Always respectful, he shows a high level of integrity, and his skill, help to gain and maintain a positive habit around the work required to improve my skill. Work with Chad is easy, this because you always find a way to simplify the complex concept and make everyone understand the real meaning behind the concept, this reflect in the productivity of the team itself.

Pierluigi R.

Commit to your wellbeing, personal, and professional growth.

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